Family Law

A Strongsville Family Law Lawyer Can Help You in Troubled Times

Every family will experience hard times. How a family manages in those hard times may depend on making the right legal or financial moves.

Issues like child custody, child support, domestic abuse, or spousal support payment can arise at any time. Family law disputes like these can create stress, financial hardship, and may even endanger the well-being of you or your loved ones.

Attorney Peter A. Russell, Esq., has dedicated himself to helping families through their most stressful times. Intra-family disputes, trouble with spouses or ex-spouses, and concerns about your child’s safety require immediate attention from a zealous attorney.


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Family Law Services

Child Custody

As a Strongsville family law lawyer, Peter A. Russell, Esq., helps parents protect their custodial rights. Whether going through a divorce, adapting to an occupational change, or dealing with relocation, child custody issues can be contentious. As a parent, you deserve legal counsel who will fight for your right to maintain or be granted custody of your child.

Child Support

Issues relating both to obligation and non-payment of child support are among the most frequent problems that families may face. Representing both mothers and fathers, attorney Peter A. Russell, Esq., helps clients with all child support issues.

Domestic Abuse and Civil Protection Orders

If you have experienced or fear domestic abuse, contact an attorney immediately. Family disputes can and do sometimes turn ugly, but no one deserves to live in fear. A family law attorney can help you obtain protections available under the law so that you can once again feel safe and secure.

Spousal Support

Divorce can leave one or both spouses financially disadvantaged. Determining spousal support requires initial and ongoing attention to the parties’ particular circumstances and needs. An experienced Strongsville family law lawyer can help you procure or maintain spousal support that is appropriate for your situation.

Other Family Matters and Disputes

There are many issues and disputes that can affect your family. The issues discussed above are the most frequently seen family law matters, but other may arise depending on different factors in your life. If you are facing a unique family issue and need legal advice, a trusted family law attorney can help you make the right decisions for you and your loved ones.

Strongsville Family Law Lawyer Peter A. Russell, Esq.

There is nothing more important than family. To protect yours, do not face the tough times alone. Contact the Law Office of Peter A. Russell, Esq. to schedule a consultation.