Adoption Services

Cleveland Adoption Lawyer: Guiding You Through the Adoption Process

Adoption is an amazing and life-changing event for both parents and children. Navigating the waters of adoption, however, can be difficult. A trusted Cleveland adoption lawyer can guide you through the adoption process and allow you the time you need to focus on your family.

Why You Need a Cleveland Adoption Lawyer

Attorney Peter A. Russell, Esq., provides clients the thorough guidance and diligent representation necessary for a smooth transition for their growing families. He has the experience required to identify your particular needs, analyze your situation, and proactively address obstacles that may arise.

While adoption requires both time and money, by understanding the process in advance you can minimize the resources required to adopt. This, combined with the peace of mind that comes with having legal counsel on your side, will ensure that you can set your sights on the important change in your life.

What Can My Adoption Lawyer Do?

In addition to helping you understand the adoption process and handling your petition, an adoption attorney provides practical expertise. The adoption process includes steps like obtaining parental consent, a home study, personal investigation, and court proceedings. These should not be taken lightly.

As your adoption lawyer, Peter A. Russell, Esq., can help you put your best foot forward and demonstrate that you are the right parent for your child.


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Adoption Services

Public and Private Agency Adoption

Whether you have already chosen an agency or need guidance on whether to use a public or private agency, Peter A. Russell, Esq., offers start-to-finish legal representation.

Private Adoption

Private adoption entails both benefits and risks distinct from agency adoption. Both adoptive parents and birth parents have the right to know those benefits and risks in advance.

Step-Parent Adoption

Many step-parents have the privilege of being legally recognized as a child’s adopted parent. These cases can involve additional complexities, and require the advice and guidance of counsel.

Foster Care Adoption

Choosing to accept a child of foster care into your family is a rewarding decision. In these cases, which can involve older children than other types of adoption, a smooth and timely adoption is especially important.

Cleveland Adoption Lawyer Peter A. Russell, Esq.

Building your family should be a special time, not a stressful time. If you are planning on adopting or have already begun the adoption process and need legal counsel, contact the Law Office of Peter A. Russell, Esq.