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Strongsville Debt Relief/Creditors Rights Attorney Peter A. Russell

Unpaid debt causes problems for both debtors and creditors. An experienced debt relief or creditors rights attorney can help minimize both the financial toll and the stress that comes from unpaid debt.

Attorney Peter A. Russell, Esq. represents both debtors and creditors in a wide range of collections actions. Serving individuals and businesses in Cuyahoga County and Medina County, he protects clients’ rights and helps ensure that debt collection matters are handled the right way.

Debt Relief Attorney Strongsville, Ohio

Anyone can find themselves facing legal action for unpaid debt. Medical bills, lost wages or profits, loss of employment, or divorce can spell disaster for even the most prepared person’s financial affairs. If you have unpaid debt, seeking counsel from a debt relief attorney could save you money and help alleviate the stress caused by collectors.

Peter A. Russell, Esq. has helped numerous clients through the debt relief process. Depending on your situation, there may be several avenues of mitigating or repaying your debt, including:

  • Negotiating a debt settlement
  • Disputing a debt
  • Uncovering debt scams
  • Statute of limitations
  • FDCPA violations

As an experienced debt relief attorney and negotiator, Peter A. Russell, Esq. can help you take control of your financial situation and relieve the stress of facing your creditors alone.

Creditors Rights Attorney

Unpaid accounts can cause serious damage to you or your business. Efficient use of the legal processes available for collecting debt can help minimize the damage and recover money which you are owed. An experienced creditors rights attorney can provide the assertive yet professional representation needed to ensure that you collect on debts both quickly and fairly.

Representing businesses in Cuyahoga and Medina Counties, Peter A. Russell, Esq. develops cost-efficient and results-driven strategies to assist companies in collecting on unpaid accounts and debts, including:

  • Medical Collections
  • Collateral Recovery/Replevins
  • Utility Recovery
  • Student Loan Recovery
  • Debt Buyers
  • Banks

By choosing an experienced attorney, businesses are better positioned to recovery unpaid debts quickly while ensuring that all debt collection practices comply with the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and Ohio law.

Take Control of Debts

Whether you owe or are owed, you have rights under federal and state law. Protect your rights by choosing an attorney who will fight for you.

If you are facing or pursuing a collections action, you need a qualified attorney. Contact the Law Office of Peter A. Russell now.


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