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Make the Right Decisions for Your Loved Ones. Hire a Strongsville Elder Law Lawyer

Senior citizens often turn to their children and family members for guidance. This can be tough. Everyone wants to make the right decisions for their loved ones and make sure that parents, grandparents, and other seniors have the best life possibility.

When an elderly loved one needs your help, you need the help of a Strongsville elder law lawyer.

Comprehensive and Attentive Elder Law Representation

Elder law involves both dealing with present issues and planning for your loved one’s future. Immediate benefits eligibility determination and care are vital, but so too is long-term planning. For these dual reasons, you should choose an elder law attorney who you trust to protect the interests of your loved one.

Attorney Peter A. Russell, Esq., provides comprehensive and thorough legal representation for aging individuals. From investigating available avenues of income or benefits to applying and fighting for financial help, your elder law lawyer can maximize assistance from outside sources and minimize the burden on the family. In addition, attorney Russell will draft wills and trusts to protect family assets.

As a sole proprietorship, the Law Office of Peter A. Russell, Esq., delivers individualized and attentive counsel to your family. He understands the stress and concerns that come along with planning for an elder loved one’s future. That is why he gives each client the personal attention and respect they deserve.


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What Does an Elder Law Attorney Do?

Nursing Home and Care Issues

An elder law attorney can provide legal insight and assistance in a number of areas. Making decisions about nursing homes and related issues, in-home care issues, and long-term planning can all have financial, tax, and other legal implications unknown to most people. An experienced elder law attorney can guide and facilitate these decisions so that you achieve the best result for your loved one.

Advanced Directives, Wills and Trusts

Advanced directives and trusts are an essential party of many long-term plans for senior citizens. Attorney Russell can provide assistance with advanced directives, wills and trusts. Protecting assets and minimizing the burden on a spouse, child, or other family member may require significant legal expertise. The right elder law lawyer will help you and your loved one plan for the long-term and make the right decision in your situation.

Strongsville Elder Law Lawyer Peter A. Russell, Esq.

Elder law spans all aspects of elder care and planning. Whatever your situation, if you or your loved one need guidance for the future, you need a dedicated elder law attorney. Contact the Law Office of Peter A. Russell now.